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Fresh Food Club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Creamy mashed potatoes are a family favourite and delicious served with a winter casserole.


The natural goodness of cabbage shines in winter. Sautéed, steamed or tossed in a hot wok, these easy-to-prepare vegetables require minimum cooking.


Cauliflowers are a thrifty buy again this week. Enjoy cauliflower roasted, grate to make cauliflower couscous or cook and puree and serve as a low carb substitute.


Super nutritious and versatile quality broccoli from Victoria and Queensland is a bargain.


Red and green capsicums prices are back a little this week. Red capsicums are the sweetest eating. Add capsicum to salads, stir fries, char-grill or stuff with a meat and vegetable filling and bake until tender.

Globe artichokes

Top quality globe artichokes are now in season.


Mild sweeter tasting leeks are ideal for flavouring casseroles, soups and egg-based dishes such as quiche and frittata.

Blood oranges

Blood oranges are ultra-juicy and have a sweet raspberry coloured juice. Select plump fruit with ruby-red tinged skin. Rich skin colour indicates the fruit has full ‘blood’ coloured flesh. Fruit should feel heavy for its size and have firm skin.


Versatile lemons are well priced at this time of year. Drizzle lemon juice over a tomato-based casserole or soups just before serving to enliven the flavours.


Leave firm unripe Hass avocados to ripen at room temperature. They’re ready to eat when they yield to gentle pressure at the stem end.


Looking for a low kilojoules snack, then you can’t go passed Aussie apples. Granny Smith are a crunchy and delicious apple perfect for cooking with or eating out of hand


Rhubarb is in good supply


There are good supplies of passionfruit, particularly the Panama passionfruit this week


Pears are plentiful and a great price. Thinly slice firm pears and add to a salad with rocket and parmesan cheese or poach pears for a quick dessert.