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Fresh Food Club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Fragrant and juicy peach or nectarine are irresistible? Yellow and white flesh varieties from the North Coast of NSW, Peats Ridge (Hawkesbury area), South Australia and Victoria are now available


Bananas are an all-time favourite. When banana's start to develop a brown freckled appearance on the dulling yellow skin, this indicates that they are at prime ripeness and all the starch content has changed to sugar, so they are at their sweetest.


Luscious tropical flavoured mangoes are a seasonal treat. Select from Kensington Pride, Calypso and R2E2. Allow firm mangoes to ripen at room temperature until flesh yields to gentle pressure around the stem. Mangoes are coming from Katherine and the Burdekin, fruit is excellent quality.


Golden, velvety skinned apricots are in season and available at your local greengrocer. Select plump apricots with a fragrant aroma and no sign of greening around the stem.


Melons flourish in the warmer weather and there's a wide variety to choose from including Mini Lee, rock melon,honeydew, iel de sapo melons and seedless watermelon

Why not try...


Check out berries this week. Choose from sweet Victorian strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.


One of the delights of late spring and summer is without a doubt Australian grown cherries. Adored for their luscious texture, sweet-tangy flavour, not to mention their glamorous glossy looks cherries can be firm or soft fleshed and vary in sweetness, depending on which variety. Early cherry varieties tend to be the softer eating delicately flavoured.

Green beans

Fresh green beans are a thrifty buy this week. Machine harvested beans are coming in from Gatton.


Antioxidant rich kale is a tasty and thrifty buy. Sauté chopped kale in olive oil and chopped garlic and serve as a side dish or add to your favourite juice to kick start your day with 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins A, C & K.


Tender, juicy and full of flavour Lebanese cucumbers are a choice buy


Add button mushrooms to your shopping list. Slice and add to a pasta dish or stir-fry. Alternatively tread on to a bamboo skewer, marinate and barbecue

Asian greens

Asian leafy greens – such as bok choy, choy sum and gai lum are quick to cook, versatile and super nutritious.


Ruby red coloured beetroot is sweet, nutty favoured and great value. Use beetroot raw in a salad, finely julienned, it is delicious juiced and teamed with orange and ginger or roast until tender and toss with feta cheese.


Versatile zucchinis are a choice buy. Try slicing them in half lengthwise, score, then brush with a little olive oil and place on the barbecue or grill plate, cook turning once until tender.


For value, taste and easy of cooking fresh asparagus is a winner, its delicate nutty flavour can be enjoyed raw or cooked, hot or cold.

Sugar Snap Peas

Crisp and vibrant, green sugar snap peas are a choice buy. Cooked quickly they maintain their stunning colour and certainly liven up a stir-fry, salad or curry.