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Fresh Food Club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Delicious tasting blueberries are are always a popular buy. Add to fruit salads, fold through butter cakes or muffin mixtures.


Looking for a low kilojoules snack, then you can’t go passed Aussie apples. Late season pink lady and fuji apples are a good choice.

Blood oranges

Blood oranges season is close to finishing, so make the most of this tasty citrus while the fruit is still selling.


Tasty Queensland grown melons are excellent this week. Choose from fragrant and tasty rockmelons from Bundaberg and Bowen, honeydews, and for something a little different what about vibrant yellow-fleshed champagne melon.

Why not try...


If you haven’t done so this season now is the time to sink your teeth into a juicy, succulent North Territory mango. Select from Kensington Pride and R2E2 varieties.


Brimming with healthy goodness tropical-tasting papaya is a bargain this week. A rich source of vitamin A and C, papaya is said to aid digestion, so it is an excellent dessert fruit.


Yellow and white-fleshed peaches and nectarines from the North Coast of NSW are now available


Fragrant vivid red strawberries are heavenly eaten just on their own. Strawberries

Truss tomatoes

Highly coloured, firm and extra flavoursome Glasshouse grown Truss tomatoes are a good buy.


The quality of the Aussie Hass avocados at the moment is superb. Creamy, flavoursome and firm fleshed.

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins are increasingly becoming a seasonal favourite, and both are available from your greengrocer.


Fresh asparagus for Victoria has an exquisite flavour and is highly prized for its versatility and fast cooking time. Use asparagus in risottos, blanch and add to salads or toss through pasta dishes.


Crisp, locally grown Lebanese cucumbers are plentiful.

Asian Greens

Asian greens are top quality and value this week. For maximum flavour and freshness buy Asian greens regularly and cook them only until just tender.


Be sure to snap up zucchinis this week. For something different, slice and marinate in soy sauce, and grill at your next barbecue. Zucchinis can also be added to a stir fry, grated and baked in a cake or added them to a frittata.


Versatile mushrooms can be combined with just about anything to produce a tasty, ‘quick & easy’ meal. Firm mild buttons are excellent in pasta dishes and sauces, while full flavoured jumbo flats are scrumptious grilled or barbecued.


Revitalise your system with a glass of refreshing, nutritious carrot juice. Add a little ginger for extra zing


With its delicious aniseed flavour and crisp texture, fennel adds vibrancy to spring salads. It has virtually no fat and few kilojoules, and refreshing raw or cooked


A cross between broccoli and choy Sum (Chinese broccoli), broccolini this vibrant green veggie is packed with beta carotene as well as vitamins C, A and E. There’s no wastage because both the stem and small florets are edible. Brush broccolini with crushed garlic and olive oil paste then char-grill or barbecue until lightly charred and serve.


Ultra-healthy kale is packed full of nutrients, just one cup provides close to 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins A, C & K. Use kale in similar ways to English spinach.