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Fresh Food Club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Everyone loves stonefruit and plums are no exception. Select from Autumn Giant, Angelino, Teagan Blue and October Sun are all in season.


Cook up a scrumptious dessert with pears while they are such good value.


Zesty limes are a thrifty buy and perfect for squeezing over seafood or spicy noodle dish. Lime juice makes a tasty a marinade or salad dressing and adding to a wedge or slice to your favourite afternoon beverage will enhance the flavour.


Super sweet sultana grapes are delicious eating right now. The red skinned Crimson seedless are a choice buy for quality, crunch and value


Be sure to pick up figs, this week as the quality is excellent. Naturally sweet figs are delightful slice and served with muesli, add them to a salad or enjoy them grilled or baked


Donít miss out on the last of the seasonís excellent peaches and nectarines. Late season varieties are best eaten a little on the firmer side.


Autumn is peak time for quality eggplants and different varieties. Choose eggplant that is firm, heavy fruit has a taut glossy deeply coloured skin and a fresh green stem. Eggplants can be stored in refrigerator for up to 1 week. Handle with care as they bruise easily.


Versatile zucchini are a top a buy. Barbecue, char-grill or grate and add to cooked pasta. Zucchini is also an appetitising addition to a cake batter, adding extra nutritional value and moisture and a delicate flavour.


Sweetcorn is a fabulous buy. Boil, steam, microwaved or barbecued corn is a family favourite.


Chestnuts are a quintessential autumn delicacy. Baked, roasted, boiled or grilled gluten free chestnuts are a seasonal favourite. Set aside a little time and get to know this healthy, seasonal nut that is delicious used in stir-fries, soups, stuffings, enjoyed as a healthy snack or served as part of a traditional roast meal. Select the ĎEasy Peelí varieties and get cooking, chestnut season is a short one.


Plump flavoursome leeks can be eaten raw or cooked. There delicate onion flavour makes them ideal for using in soups, casseroles, flans, pies and vegetable dishes. When preparing leeks, it is important to wash thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt from the leaves.


Have you ever tried pickling your own olives? Whilst a bit time consuming it is a very rewarding experience to pickle olives. Green olives are plentiful right now so gather up your jars and get bottling


Red capsicums are indispensable in the kitchen as their sweet flavour and vibrant colour are idea for using is stir-fries, salad and casseroles. Enjoy them barbecued or cut in half, stuffed and baked.