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Fresh Food Club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Vibrant, refreshing Australian grown limes have a unique tangy citrus taste and are top value. To obtain the maximum amount of juice from a lime, warm the fruit in the microwave for 30 seconds or roll firmly on the kitchen bench then juice.


Aussie grape season is in full swing so grab a large juicy bunch or a kilo bag to enjoy as a snack or for a burst of sweet add grapes to salads. Select from White, red and black seedless.


Snap up the last of the sumptuous Tasmanian grown apricots.


Irresistible and antioxidant rich blueberries plentiful and retailing at your local greengrocer.


Bananas are top value.


Snap up sweet eating, plump and flavoursome late season cherries. Most cherries are now coming from Tasmania.


It is a fabulous time to enjoy melons? Try the Piel de Sapo melon. This oval shaped melon originated in Spain and has a juicy pale yellowish green, dense flesh and are distinguishable by their extra thick and ridged mottled green and yellow rind.

Why not try...


For a sweet summer sensation pick up a bag of new season lychees. They’re easy to peel and are best value at this time of the year.


Smooth to hold and packed with juicy summer goodness nectarines brighten up your fruit bowl and add a tangy taste to salads and simply desserts. Both yellow and white flesh fruit is plentiful.


Golden or red fleshed tangy plums are in season from December to early May. Give plums the ultimate summer treatment, cook them on the barbecue or toss wedges or slices through salads.


Kids and adults alike love the refreshing crunch of cucumbers. Lebanese cucumbers are so easy to prepare.

Iceberg lettuce

Delicious and nutritious summer salads are vibrant and healthy. Versatile Iceberg lettuce can be cut into chunk wedges for chicken salad, shredded for burger fillings or use the large crisp leaves as cups for fillings.


Zucchini’s are a breeze to prepare. No need to peel, simply slice, dice or grate. Their mild flavour makes them a hit with the kids and they are delicious barbecued.

Roma tomatoes

It’s long been a tradition in Italian families to gather once a year to make and bottle fresh tomato sauce. Tomato or Passata Day general takes place late January to early March. This week the first harvests of plump ripe roma tomatoes, from Victoria in 18 kilo boxes, are ready to cater to this time-honoured tradition.


Eggplants are at their best value from late summer to early autumn as Sydney growers are harvest quality crops. Select smooth eggplant with firm, satin-like, glossy skin, which feel heavy for their size.

Snake beans

Versatile and tasty snake beans are in season. Sold in bunches, snake beans are about 30cm in length and have a delicate flavour.


From late summer to early autumn, locally grown sweetcorn shines for quality and freshness. Add corn to salads, salsas, fritters, pasta dishes, meat patties and rices dishes for colour and sweetness.